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Re: Do all young mammals play?

Originally Posted by CharlesH View Post
Well, how do you define 'play?'
"Physical playfulness is a birthright of every young mammal and perhaps of many other animals as well...

...Perhaps the best general definition has recently been suggested by Gordon Burghardt (2005), consisting of five criteria:

(1) The adaptive functions of play are not fully evident at the time play occurs;

(2) play is a spontaneous activity, done for its own sake, because it is fun (pleasurable);

(3) play is an exaggerated and incomplete form of adult activities;

(4) play exhibits many repetitive activities, done with abundant variations, unlike serious behaviours that are not as flexible;

(5) animals must be well fed, comfortable, and healthy for play to occur, and all stressors reduce play. "

(Paraphrasing Panksepp/Biven)

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