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Re: Advice for talking to doctor?

My therapist recommended taking the Hallowell test just as a starting point for us to discuss it. I know you can read into just about any of those online "quiz" type things, but reading through there I found myself identifying so much with some of the feelings described. Then I actually started thinking things like "hey, maybe I'm not just an idiot for being forgetful or for not retaining conversations even when I try really hard" etc.

She hasn't mentioned referring me to a psychiatrist, although we talk more about depression and life stuff than ADD typically. The Wellbutrin does seem to help somewhat and my doctor went along with my request to increase me to 300mg so I'm hoping it continues to help. I seem to have more energy and I had more focus at first, but things have kind of tailed off. I still have more energy than before (at first I was staying up late doing laundry and other things I never had the motivation for before, but it isn't like that in month #3 anymore) but what good is energy if I can't focus to accomplish anything?
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