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Re: Attention: what is it? What are the subject and object of it?

Originally Posted by Greyhound1 View Post
I think we added to, expanded and confirmed Kunga’s statement below. I found his statement to be very profound, valid and very concerning. What concerns me is the current process for treating mental health issues is mostly trial and error. I’ve been down that road before for 10 years and always ending up on the error side of treatment. I guess it’s the best we have currently but as Kunga mentions, it’s problematic.
In my opinion, Kunga has been one of the first to introduce me to language describing the primary sensory and homeostatic (bodily) affective mechanisms here at addforums.

But there are 3 types of feeling mechanisms.

What I am and the researchers who wrote the article about emotional consciousness are trying to also encouraging is to also include language about the primary emotional affective mechanisms.

In other words, the primary sensory and bodily affects are not the only info we currently have.

We also have emotional affects , and without also considering the primary emotional affective mechanisms, things will be even more problematic then they need to be.

I am not saying including the primary emotional affective mechanisms in our discussions will solve all the problems, but does fill in lots of the present "blanks", and provides lots of new perspectives for present and future researchers to consider, if primary emotional affective mechanisms are also considered along side sensory and bodily (homeostatic) affective mechanisms.

"When people are suffering mentally, they want to feel better—they want to stop having bad emotions and start having good emotions." (-Temple Grandin)

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