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Re: Thinking outside the box:is it common in adhd?

Originally Posted by mildadhd View Post
Thinking outside the circle?
Thinking outside the loop?
Thinking outside the sphere?


Astronauts think outside the sphere?


oddly enough, I think your close to identifying the box.

the box is like, imagine a king offering his entire kingdom if someone could answer the riddle of the boulder. "this boulder needs to be moved"

what is the answer? the answer is that the bounder is not a boulder but the representation of the boulder in the persons mind with the word this.

This is not a boulder said the pauper
Then what is it then? said the king

this is both me and you. the word "this" as the identifying clause is the universal object. this is me as well as this is you. this represents A posteriori knowledge rather than a postori (cold reason). (more on this in a second)

this represents the universal object, the world object,the house object, the community object, city object, the plan object, the thinking object (ya all of these aren't objects, you plan with your brain etc). you have to wrap your head around what this means to you mildadhd to represent representational thought with these. these places, these idea's, these people all belonging as a part of a group, something greater than oneself (the universe, the earth, etc...)

this represents my hopes and dreams, the things that that are mine and the organizations I am a part of are of importance to me, just like everyone (knowing or not).

it's somewhat a heirarchy of needs (need to relook at that) and it's somewhat closing the gestalt(however, one can still grow and I am. to see the forest and the tree's so to speak, and not just the forest for the trees. in plato's world of forms, closing the gestalt (which one can only do by looking inward) is only possible with A posteriori knowledge. by somewhat closing the inner gestalt you close the outer, you can see the forest for the tree's and water them, you can see the inner and outer tapestry. of what is and what isn't important, things that are really hard sometimes to understand any other way.
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