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Re: Thinking outside the box:is it common in adhd?

Originally Posted by Lunacie View Post
So ... semantics?
in part ya. A priori and postpriori are really two different concepts under the umbrella of semantics.

the framework of a priori is (say someone has a hat) that is hat, it is red. a priori semantics is what is and not how it is used on a personal level. a priori is not existing in the mind prior to or independent of experience

Postpriori is the opposite. and all of postpriori statments hedge on the word *this* and understanding what the word *this* is to each person. "this" is really the representation of the mind of any individual, this is the universal object to us all and while this represents something in the outside world, the object in the outside world (or person, or device etc) is a representation of our own mind.

a priori statment would be (and I have to use something I own cause I tried to come up with an example of something I didn't and couldn't come up with a postpriori). that is a keyboard, it has keys and the color is black and white. cold and calculated with no real function other than it's an instrument.

a postriori statment would be the representation of the function of the thing based on our own values and skills etc..., our experience with the thing. "(just imagine I was pointing to a keyboard that is in reality in front of me) "this keyboard is used for the production of music, with this instrument I can transcend emotion and translate the emotion into harmony" post relagets the position of the mind to the object.

one is non creative just... what "that is", one is creative and is what "this is" anytime anyone uses the word "that" they are talking about stuff out in the world without a position in the mind, when someone says "what this is" they are talking about something that is in mind, something in frame of the pshyche.

like, Im taking a class and in the class my proffesor will put something on the board and says stuff like "this is a watermolecule....." he can say that because he has studied watermolecules and can describe the functions their withen.
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