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New years resolutions futile for me, but.......

Hi fellow ADDers, Happy New Years Eve.

Looking back I don't think I have ever kept a New Years Eve resolution. This year I have no intention of making one either. I am happy to know that there are reasons that I haven't kept one too.

Just over the past couple of months have I come out of the grief process and am learning every day. I am hel-bent on living a happy life with my ADHD.

So this year, with my new understanding of my-self, my limitations and my strengths, I am going to "set a course" for my year.

This year I would like to keep moving in the direction of loving who I am, the good the bad and the ugly And continuing life with my priorities finally in order.

To remember that the people I love will always come before chores, order and organization. I will not go back to trying to be someone I am clearly not and all the anxiety perfectionism has crushed me with.

For this has been a huge realization this past year, with a equally huge relief. I will do this in-spite of those who do not like the changes in me. I am happy.
When people show you who they are, believe them.
~Maya Angelo~
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