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Re: Concerta causing weight gain?

I have struggled with eating issues my whole life.I am 44 now. I have always yo-yo'd dieted, up and down with the pounds. Since being on concerta for almost 6 weeks I have finally learned what it means to stop when I am full. I have lost my appetite, but I make sure I eat eggs for breakfast, something small to munch on for lunch and some kind of a healthy dinner. I try to eat at the same times I used to before concerta even if I am not hungry. I stopped craving crappy carbs and sugary stuff for the first time in my life. I am ok with eating like 1 small piece of good chocolate instead of eating 4 reese cups at one time.
When I do go out to dinner with my boyfriend, I eat less than half of my meal and I am done. I used to eat everything on my plate.
I have lost 21 lbs since being on concerta. I am thinking it will slow down but it has not.
So maybe if you are gaining its from not eating all day then eating alot at night. Good Luck!
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