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Stimulants, Heart Palpitations and Calcium Channel Blockers

I've had palpitations (PVCs and PACs) for a few years now and stimulants seem to make them worse. A few days ago a doctor suggested that I take calcium channel blockers to counteract the side effects that I get on stimulants (palpitations and rapid heartbeat).

Has anyone tried taking calcium channel blockers with stimulants? Did it help your palpitations, rapid heartbeat or other heart related symptoms? Did it make stimulants more tolerable?
Rx: 2007-2012: Ritalin LA 30, Ritalin IR 10 X 2; 2013: Daytrana 10; Jan-Jul 2014: Ritalin IR 10mg; Aug 2014: Adderall IR 5mg; Sep 2014: Dex IR 5mg (Barr/Mal); Nov 2015: Zenzedi 5mg; 2016: off meds; Current : Zenzedi 5mg
Dx: 2004: ADHD, 2012: Hyperthyroidism, medication-induced rapid heartbeat/palpitations; 2013: Hashimoto's, PVCs/PACs; 2014: Innocent heart murmur, 2016: Roemheld syndrome and the list goes on and on..
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