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Re: Concerta propranolol and lexapro

Originally Posted by GoalieMel33 View Post
50-60 bpm isn't considered a fast heart rate. Normal readings can go up to 100. What is your heart rate on Propanolol? It is supposed to slow your heart, the only thing you don't want is too low of a drop.

I think you might need to switch to a different medication (from the same or a different class) if the side effects aren't tolerable. If you can't go to the hospital, maybe you can go to your pharmacy and tell them you situation, they could call your doctor and see what they can do about your meds.
without propanolol my blood pleasure is too high, 150 ,100 avarage .
with propanolol my pulse 50-60 and this make me scare . this too low and i just take half pills .i gues doctor cant understand my problem
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