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Re: Concerta propranolol and lexapro

It's a great combination. I take 108mg Concerta with 20mg Propranolol and I rarely go above a resting heart rate in the 70s. I know this is an older thread, I just wanted to comment for anyone seeing this now. Simply put, don't feel like you can go above your prescribed regular dose of Concerta or other CNS stimulants just because you have a slower rate. It's still possible to damage the heart long-term.

Just FYI, the LD50 (Lethal Dose in 50℅ of subjects, calculated after testing on rats) for Methylphenidate is a dose of 250mg for a person weighing 75kg (130-pound), according to NIMH (Nat'l Institute of Mental Health).

Concerta has caused sudden cardiac death in person's with heart conditions. A good reason to be responsible on stimulants is that 15-million US adults have an undiagnosed heart condition. An EKG is a great tool and reasonably inexpensive way to check your heart health.

I know this post has turned into a, 'The More You Know' commercial. I just feel, if more people studied the effects of any substance they ingest, accidental damage or death would decrease. That written, ADHD stimulants have been found to be quite safe with few side effects when it's not abused in healthy adults. Hope this is helpful for anyone checking.

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