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Re: In med school and no I didn't try to get diagnosed with ADHD just to help me stud

Originally Posted by ILoveChaos View Post
Intense. Probably one of the best things that has every happened to me as well. Especially if I really do have ADHD. The psychiatrist I am seeing specializes in organization and has lots of experience with ADHD. I don't think I would have ever come to the conclusion myself.

I didn't say I could study for 40 minutes, it just takes that long before I have to switch subjects, haha. My attention span is more around 15 minutes (I know because the psychiatrist made me keep track). I've found that visual tools are extremely helpful for me like pictures of the cell cycle or anything with color that can help me organize things in my head.
oh ok yeah that makes a lot more
i use lots of colors and flash cards and i copy my notes for most of my classes it helps me review everything
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