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Paying attention in class

I was diagnosed with ADD about half a year ago, and thanks to medication (and recently meditation), I have a way easier time doin my tasks and focusing while studying, which is awesome, my only issue now is when it comes to paying attention is class.

I'm in the first year of collegue and I stopped going to classes after a few months (just kept going to a few subjects in which attendance matter for your mark) but its not really an optimal solution. I always learnt stuff by myself but unlike in highschool, I barely have any resources here. We have a website where teachers upload the content for preparing their subjects, but the class notes are awful (almost no examples, missing a lot of content, awful explanations,etc), and the exercises (if there are any), dont include solutions or anything like that, so it's hard to figure out how to do some stuff alone (studying engineering so there is barely any theory in exams). There was also a subject in which attendance didnt affect your mark but on the final exam people who didnt attend to most classes had to do an exam twice as long in the same time (I even asked the proffessor before if the exam was going to be any different for us and he answered no kek).

Would like to know how some of you have dealt/are dealing with this, cuz I have no idea what to do :'(

PS: I'm from Spain so college here is different for most of you prob in case you read sth weird about it, also forgive my grammar mistakes
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