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Re: Lazy vs Unmotivated vs Initiation-Challenged?

I feel your statement. I think our culture is becoming harsher and harsher, and people are increasingly taking fun in stereotyping individuals they dont like. That said, stereo-types also have some truth in it.

Being viewed/called 'lazy' is the stereo-type. And in reality, I would confess that I am a big pro-crastinator, I have trouble taking initiative, I dont like socializing, I overly fear people being cruel, and my movements/co-ordination is slower. All this is a recipe for being "called" lazy, the stereotype.

Originally Posted by tearsong View Post
I know that many people with ADHD get called lazy. I've read (via literature) that this is simply not true, but I get stuck with what the difference is...
  • How do you know when you are (or someone else is) simply being lazy?
  • How do you know when you simply lack motivation to do something?
    • And is this the same as being lazy?
  • Is it possible to tell the difference (both externally (IE: someone watching your actions or behaviors) and internally (IE: judging your own actions)) between when you're truly being lazy -- even if unintentionally -- and when you're simply having trouble with initiation as a direct result of the disability?

(Have there been studies on this? Textbook readings...?)
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