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Re: Lazy vs Unmotivated vs Initiation-Challenged?

I find I often do alot but I accomplish little towards any sort of goal,. In other words I am busy but I do not get much done.

In our accomplishment, get things done goal orinatated society only those tasks that are completed are counted.. not all the dozens of little things we do everyday that do not add towards that one item we can count as done.

So unless we get something done we are sometimes called lazy or incompetent. I am horrible at getting things done, I am really good at doing things.. most are not really important and are often overlooked.

A really really long time back I journaled my daily activities and realized I was not lazy, just did many tasks that no one noticed. Such as I take a break and end up cleaning the break room. But the only thing noticed is I forget to clock back in and am late getting back from my break..

My old doctor recently went away, the clinic is a bit mum on why or where he went, just that he is not there and they had no replacement, so I was sent to another clinic and the intake counselor asked me to write down my day and he was a bit shocked, even more so when he found I was on adderall decades earlier but the doctor decided I was not ADD. The doctor I was assigned to was baffled how I was so badly misdiagnosed over the years.

It has been a month now of adderall and I am actually getting a few things done.. actually done. But I still have plenty of issues and procrastination is one big one..

I am not sure, but I do think my unwillingness to start is my belief that I seldom finish anything. I have so dang many projects and unfinished tasks it isn't funny. but somehow, I do find more to do and somehow ignore and procrastinate beyond belief.

Is ADD to blame? maybe, I have succeeded in the past both on meds and off. For me it depended often on the setting.

I now wonder if maybe it is the sane part of me that stops me from starting another task?
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