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Re: Cyclothymia meds newbie

Lamictal is an excellent medication for me. I won’t take any meds that cause daytime sedation or weight gain. I did make an exception for Lithium, as I was in a very bad mixed episode.....I gained forty lbs and lost it when I went off it. That’s the only med I have gained on. However, we all react differently to meds.

I’ve tried numerous medications over the years. Lamictal is the only one I have stayed on since the beginning. I do well on Geodon as an AAP and have lost weight on it. Abilify was weight-neutral for me.

Zyprexa is a notorious weight gainer. It works well for many, but my pdoc won’t prescribe it to any patients due to the weight gain.

I also take Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Klonopln and Adderall IR.

I have bipolar 1, rapid cycling with occasional psychotic features and mixed episodes are my “predominant” mood state. It’s rough but I have a great psychiatrist and therapist.

The above is the best med combo for me, it took 8 years to get there, being treatment-resistant.

PM me anytime for support. I can’t give medical advice but I can support you and share my experiences as to meds...I have tried so many meds over the years. I have some anxiety disorders, too.

I relate to your trepidation about meds. They are a necessity for me, I’m always med-compliant. But a lot of people can manage with less. I’m hoping to reduce my medication at some point, with the guidance of my pdoc.
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