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wow, its only been one day and several people have replied already to my post. Well I took Straterra today 25 mg for the first time and i felt pretty uncomfortable through the first half of the day. I felt alot calmer but very dysphoric during school, i wasnt figgeting like usual and didnt talk at all in class, very much not like me. Its only the first day and im still optomistic that this will work. As far as pot I just want to clear up some things. I do not like to smoke pot during the day because of how self-consious and paranoid it makes me. The thing i am concerned about is giving up smoking at night before bed. When nighttime rolls around each night I crave pot. Its such a habit for me to smoke at night that if i dont I get very irritated and generally have a hard time going to sleep. The reason I asked if there were any known interactions was because I have had bad interactions in the past with other meds. The entire pot experience has changed forever for me ever since adderall. Before adderall I was generally in a stable state of mind but with notible signs of ADD for several years. My school work and grades was really the only problem in my life. As soon as i was started on adderall there was a huge improvement in grades and attitude. Eventually the rapid heart beat that the adderall produced turned into daily anxiety. This was the first time I had ever experienced anxiety in my life and it became debilitating after awhile to the point where I would have panic attacks until my arms went numb and couldnt goto school. I could also feel my heartbeat at any time during the day just by sitting there. This anxiety eventually got worse and worse and my parents didnt understand it. I was constantly repremanded and felt like it was my fault, this turned into depression and I was prescribed Wellbutrin. This didnt help at all as i still got panic attacks and had to leave school and take homeschooling. Eventaully after I was off the adderall my heart still raced throughout the day but it took about 2 weeks of being off aderall for it to go back to normal. My depression went away after being on wellbutrin for several months and then stopping it on my own because i did not like how it made me feel and I knew i was not depressed anymore and it was definatly caused by adderall. Smoking pot while on adderall made my heart pound over 200 bpm and skip several times a minute. After a whole 7 months on adderall I lost about 40 lbs which was mabye the only good thing that came out of it. From 160 to to 120 lbs I used to be chubby but now im very slim and have kept it off ever since. Along with adderall pot also was unpleasent with remeron, paxil, wellbutrin, etc. Now im back at square one and Im starting the Straterra, I dont know why i wrote all this but tonite Im gonna hit the bong and see what happens, ill keep posted.