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Re: this DR Barkley quote states that Neurological tests have no value in the diagnos

I'm just going to directly quote Dr Barkley from his book-taking charge of ADHD.

" A large number of studies have compared the electrical activity in the brains of those with ADHD to those of children without ADHD. A variety of such studies, done easily and painlessly using an electroencephalograph (EEG) while children with ADHD were sitting at rest and also while performing certain mental tasks, have found that the brain electrical activity of children with ADHD is less than that seen in children without ADHD, particularly over the frontal area.

In 1973 Drs. Monte Buchsbaum and Paul Wender, then at the National Institute of Mental Health, measured EEG activity in response to repeated stimulation to derive average evoked responses. When 24 children with ADHD and 24 normal children were compared, the children with ADHD responded as younger children without ADHD would: Their responses reflected a less mature pattern of brain electrical activity. These researchers also found that giving stimulant medication to the children with ADHD reduced these differences. Although children with ADHD show less activation in certain types of EEG activity, this does not automatically mean that training them to increase this activity is an effective therapy (see sidebar on p.68)."
EEG/fMRI are some of the tools that neuropsychologists use. Reading that seems to contradict

"Otherwise, there are no psychological, medical or neurological tests that are useful for diagnosing A.D.H.D."
Based on what he's written before it stands to reason that EEG scans would be a useful tool in making a diagnosis of ADHD.
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