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Re: How to teach a child self confidence and self esteem?

Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
Praise when its due, but not overly. Some parents praise everything their child does, even if its not necessarily praise worthy. She will need to know that mistakes happen, pick yourself and keep pushing forward. Never shame her or humiliate her. Do not hit her. Teach her that there will always be A-holes in life and how to deal with them. Help her learn to stand her ground but when to step aside and let fate take over. Teach her to debate, not argue and that being the bigger person in an argument goes a long way. Help her learn about courage. Being afraid and doing nothing makes you a coward. Being afraid and doing something anyway is courageous.
You always give good advices sarah, and I'm always looking at your advices and comments on threads. Thank you for always helping
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