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My history with Adderall, atenolol.

I'm new here and just want to share.

I'm a dialysis tech so I stick needles in people. I was on Ritalin/Concerta while back and told my doc that my shakes and that the meds are making it worst so he got me atenolol. He said eye surgeons take it before they do surgery to keep a steady hand and that was perfect cause I'm in the same realm.

I'm naturally manic and got energy so the atenolol lowered my pressure and heart rate back to normal and a bit below normal but I wasn't shaking and was real calm. Since atenolol is an unapproved anti anxiety meds, this was perfect.

I had the focus from adderall and I had atenolol to reduce my heart rate so I was calm and not be so urgent for no reason. It was nice to be eager to finish my tasks and not have this imaginary urgent time clock counting down. I was able to just calm down. I don't like body energy. I can always get body energy if I have mental energy.

Also I went up to 20mg XR Adderall and it gave me anxiety and made my symptoms worst. So I had excess pills from before of 10mg XR and I staggered it 2 hours apart. That worked way better. The timing of the delivery helped a lot.

I have inattention and focus issues so it was a low enough dose where I would activate a small bit of urgency of being ADHD but enough meds in me where I could redirect my focus right away if I did get distracted and be little bit more present. And the atenolol helped enough where I wouldnt get overly urgent and manic like.

I've tried going up a dose and seeing the difference of a 20mg a day to 60mg a day and Id rather have 10mg XR staggered 2 hours apart and a 10mg IR 4 hours before my responsibilities are done. Than a 20mg XR with a booster later. Just didn't work.

But I work 430am to 4pm so I need the coverage. If I take my second dose of XR past 8am.

I take notes of all the doses I got and so I don't want to screw myself and do things recreational but to actually help me with my ADHD.

So for those who have an overly opened mind for perfection and learning that gets you energy, if you are on 20mg XR try to get 10mg XR and take two, staggered 2 or 3 hours apart. Since it's double pulse delivery, your constantly having peaks and no real dips.

And atenolol if you are naturally have this fight or flight tendency. I do so the atenolol calms me out so my adrenaline isnt triggering for no reason.

I don't like taking IR multiple times of the day cause the peaks and dips are more pronounced than XR but I might need to cause of that ED thing I'm in with these meds.
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