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Re: My history with Adderall, atenolol.

Dont have to over analyze my post. Life is fluid with experiments and being structured. I'm starting to take meds.

I'm not taking atenolol for ADHD. Everyone has different personality traits that's not ADHD related so my regimens and mindset isn't the same as others. I have a personality of a perfectionist and always figuring out a better way and its hard for me to be content. Kinda manic when I reach it. So I had shakes. Kinda like performance anxiety but really confident in myself. Having confidence that's arrogantly high and fear of failure is a weird mix.

Beta blockers are also given to those with my spasm, twitching and also BP medicine. I'm in dialysis, my patients also take beta blockers for hypertension. My coworker has a shaky leg and she was on a beta blocker that was stronger than mine. It reduced her tremors.

The atenolol lowered my heart rate while on Ritalin and adderall. So I can do my job better. Nothing ADHD related. When I wasn't on meds I can stick patients fine with a bit of hand shaking but stimulants made it worst. I wouldnt take it on days off, I'm not sticking needles in people. Atenolol helped. So for those I'm my situation could look into it. Others don't have too.

Yes I took doses more than prescribed. I took opiates recreationally. I do like beer and opiates and weed.Not ADHD meds. I get no pleasure in the feelings of ADHD meds. Just the reward of finally getting things done is rewarding enough. ADHD meds at a high dose gives me anxiety. No buzz or euphoria or happiness. Just focus. I have the energy naturally. Which the atenolol helped with reducing the increased body energy from the meds. Want to find the right dose for me. I saw my doc every week. So a couple days before I come in, ill add a little to my dose and tell him. I take notes every day when I change doses and I read it to him. Its my personality. I am determined to figure out stuff I'm into. And I'm into stablalizing my symptoms. And yes. We are doing 5 mg. Been doing that. Doesnt work as well as two 10mg staggered 2 hours apart. How my work life is structured, it fits. IR timing is harder to be consistent with my work schedule. I would need 4 downtimes to take my pills where I can't. I only got two. By noon I'm a babbling goof at work and doing things last minute. So rather not do 5 mg IR 6 times a day. I go by production not numbers so I understand the dosage is the same but we all have different metabolisms. I was taking Concerta 54 mg and by the 2nd hour I'm babbling and totally unfocused when its marketed as 12hours. Ritalin helped me be productive for 2 hours max. No matter how much I take in a single dose. I think I was at 72 mg a day and that's only by noon. So we switched to Adderall.

I didnt read your post fully as you went into my post with an unrelated mindset.

So in short for those who have similar conditions as me... If you have an openness personality traits with some neuroticism and a bit of an attention ***** and taking stimulants but the body energy is too much. Your heart rate is probably high and norepinephrine is too high. Give atenolol a try. I don't need an increase of norepinephrine.. Atenolol will calm that part down.

Thanks for the reply though.

Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
I was surprised when I looked this up. Yes, some beta blockers and alpha agonists are used for adhd but this isnt one of them. If anything this one is a heavy hitter for things like congestive heart failure, post heart attacks and serious heart issues. I cant even find any off label info about it. In fact nowhere could I find it listed as something to be used for shaky hands or anxiety. With that in mind, I personally would not use it for the reasons you mention. I mean I know I am not a doctor but still....

Why not consistently take a lower dose overall and not use an extra med? Just curious.

Wait, your doctor told you to go from 20mg to 60mg even though the 20mg was giving you such anxiety?

Do you mean you have used this recreationally in the past?

Adderall should not be used for "perfection" and learning. It is meant for adhd. I am not sure what you mean by double pulse delivery.

I do not think you should recommend a med like this. It is not one of the typical off label meds prescribed for adhd and many recommend being monitored by a cardiologist while taking it.
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