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Re: All disease is preventable

Originally Posted by SashaBV View Post
I believe a better system of our species living on planet Earth is not only necessary, but the only way we can survive on Earth as a species. It's necessary to change a lot. But we will never be disease-free. That's physically impossible. We have to control our population, that is a given. We have to clean up the planet and modify our way of living pretty radically. One thing we are dealing with a lot right now is that overpopulation is driving people mad. That and the unbelievable pressure of living under conditions which are increasingly stressful and unhealthy (both physically and mentally), not to mention downright dangerous. Especially in the USA, I believe. Our country, unfortunately, is now an example to the world of what shouldn't ever happen. It could be turned around...but how? And will it happen in time? When is the point of no return as far as the road to extinction? And if we don't change, maybe a planet without any living human beings might be a good thing. Just some thoughts in the night.
Disease-free - use Mount Athos as the model - however noting that they only begin that lifestyle at 30-ish - so we can do MUCH better. Mount Athos has little to no disease. Use them as the starting point - noting that a lifestyle like theirs from grandparent (imprinting) to parents (imprinting/somatic+germline mutation) to uterine environment (imprinting) ie we probably need 3 generations of life within the environment I'm suggesting before the adverse consequences of stress can be seen. Note also - it'll take a few generations to clean the world up of toxins - so there's hope - and it's maybe 3 generations away - though we can reap the rewards immedately.

Sure - for many the damage is already done - but for those who aren't too damaged (retain their teeth from sugar, retain their lungs from smoking etc) ... ... immediate benefits (see Athos) can be reaped immediately.
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