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Re: All disease is preventable

ALL disease is environmental in nature.

That doesn't mean that we won't die - it's just that we'll die without noticing.

Disease can be eradicated by redesigning global society such that all people are free from another person telling (as opposed to explaining nicely) what to do.

This world (in which happy survival essentials are generated by co-operative operation) - is a world in which the individual's reward system changes towards capacity to diving eustress and avoid distress.

It's really as simple as that - we're looking at a novel model of definition of society in which people WANT to do what's best for them.

You can't MAKE people do what's best for them - people have to choose.

There is nothing better than achieving complete mastery over food intake and stopping eating for an extended period - all that's required is warmth and an absence in crazy authoritarians telling other people what to do.

All in this together - what we require is a global co-operative in which the little we need is worked on (all people equally) for themselves.
ADHD understood - simple matter of defining purpose (morality) of mind
See Stabile 'enforced moral consistency' ~15 years ago, nothing else since has been of any relevance to ADHD.
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