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Re: Lethargy


I know this problem, but in my case it is more a physical then mental slowness when doing tasks.I have this problem now for some years, especially with more complex and longer tasks.
But when it comes to reaction time or spontaneous action, I am also kind of sluggish mentally.
This problems I also have when I take my meds.

That`s why I don`t think it is related to medication, because I have this problem also, when I am medication-free for a while and I don`t have the feeling of being addicted to methylphenidate.
Also I didn`t take the Ritalin the whole day everyday, because I don`t want to need more and more in the future. But I don`t think that it causes addiction in ADD-people.

The sleepiness I also know, but it mostly happens when I have sleep disturbances at night.

Have you been checked for your thyroid or anemia?
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