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I thought today, I would of met my death bed

So today, after 24 hours awake, I took my Concerta with a rockstar energy drink, I downed this drink like no business.

I started getting muscle twitching around my body, Sharp pain in my chest, My head was tingling, I thought i was close to a heart attack, I took a diazepam and propranolol, It took its effect, I was fine for a hour, But suddenly, I couldn't move, I had pain going down my left arm, Pain in my jaw, Discomfort in my chest, My anxiety was hitting its highest peak, I was sweating, my body started feeling like i was going to have a stroke, I called 999(Emergacy response)

They got to me within 5 minutes as they thought i was having a cardiac arrest.

I was a mess, I even ****** myself as the pain was that bad. i couldn't move, They injected me with a controlled painkiller, Pain was still THERE, I was starting to get a little sedated, The done emergancy bloods, ESG, Blood pressure, Sugar test, Drug test, A full count body // heart tests, There was 7 paramedics here.

Every test come back? Perfect? No problem with my heart, sugar, blood pressure

They took me to hospital for a full body x-ray


Rockstar + Concerta + No sleep caused me to have a psychotic anxiety attack, They explained to me very well how bad high caffeine and concerta can be, I was in shock, All that pain, all it was just my head playing games with me

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