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Re: Adult and Child ADHD Assessment Centres in UK

Originally Posted by Emjay View Post
Hi Alanna, thought this might interest you... I rang a suppport group asking them for advice on this and they tell me that there is only 2 specialist units for adult ADHD in the U.K. One of them which is nearest myself is The Maudsley Hospital in South London and the other was in the North somewhere but sorry I can't remember details of this one, the support group I called was A.D.D.I.S, they are a registered charity and they are based in Edgware, postcode HA8 7BJ. They were very helpful and said the best route is to get your doctor to refer you to a psychiatrist and then ask the psychiatrist to refer you to one of theese two specialist centres. I am currently awaiting my psychiatrist appointment and hope to gain a referral to The Maudsley adult ADHD unit. These two units they seem to refer to as the most capable of dealing with all the unique aspects of adult ADHD. Em
Hey Em..

Thanks for the information... london is missions away for me there should be more ADHD specialists out there.. its ****ing disgusting.

It is very common in england and theres hardly any specislists.. it makes my blood boil!!

i need something doing soon because i can't cope with it anymore lol!!
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