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Re: Adult and Child ADHD Assessment Centres in UK

Originally Posted by columbo View Post
Hi. With due respect, Addiss are a bit out of date with their information. I'll ring them this week and make them aware of the newer clinics.

Do have a good look in some of the other UK threads, as there are now more than two NHS Adult ADHD clinics in the UK, and a small number of PCTs have consultant psychiatrists whose special interests include Adult ADHD. As well as the two in Cambridge and South London, there are now NHS clinics in Bristol, Swansea, and possibly Leicester (I only heard a rumour about this one, so if anyone in the know can confirm, that'd be great.)

It can be difficult to keep up with the progress, but there is definitely progress being made. Granted, this is not nearly enough, but it's a start and a good reason not to lose hope.

Stay positive and keep going. I went through the process myself, and it took over a year, so I speak from experience. I got diagnosed at Cambridge nearly three years ago.

There are also private clinics mentioned in these threads, and not all of them are as expensive as you might think. Some may even take NHS referrals. Shop around.

Thanks for the info!! i will search and search till i find someone.. it needs to be sorted asap...
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