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Started 5th Grade with No Meds-got email from teacher

My son is in 5th grade and has been in school for almost 1 month now. We are med free in the summer and he does fine because it's less structured, he gets alot of outside time, etc.

I decided a new year, new teacher, let's see how he does without meds. I was waiting for the teacher to reach out and I got the email below.

I was so hopeful my son could get thru the school year without meds. But he's still having issues with impulsivity, listening, etc.

I think I have to get him back on his meds, what do you think?

Good afternoon, Mrs. G. I hope this email finds you doing well. I wanted to reach out to you about N and how he’s doing over these first few weeks. He’s a very bright young man and has a very positive attitude and I’ve enjoyed having him in class. I wanted to pick your brain about his behavior.

I’ve seen him struggling with his impulsivity and focus as the year has begun more times than not. He is very active and overly chatty to the point of not recognizing when I am talking. He does respond well to redirection, but that is short lived and he’s quick to go back to the talking.

I noticed as I was looking through his file and in talking with Mrs. Teacher that he’s currently medicated for ADHD. The one thing that struck me as I looked through his file was that sometimes the medication is not as effective if he’s going through a growth spurt. I’m wondering if we’re seeing that at this time. In talking with Mrs. Teacher, she expressed that she did not see any of these behaviors last year. Are you seeing anything like this at home? Has there been any change to his current medication?

I welcome your input/insight into making it a great year for N. Please let me know any thoughts you might have.

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