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Talking Re: Started 5th Grade with No Meds-got email from teacher

I need to tell you, I commend you SO much for trying to keep him off of meds for so long. I was put on medication in 3rd grade and i still wish i had been able to learn to cope with it first. I think what you are doing is very admirable. You could definitely look into an ADHD coach who can teach different learning tools to help learn to cope with it. If you think you need medicine again there's no shame in it. Sometimes there's really nothing you can do. Just make sure to go to an ADHD specialist instead of the pediatrician if you can. They help immensely and just know so much more about the drugs and what works for each specific child. It's the difference between being put on a wrong drug and struggling for years and actually learning how medicine can work with you instead of controlling you. Just listen to your child as well and ask him those questions you need to know about how he's doing on the medicine. (Also don't listen to the doctors if they try to make him stay on it during the summer, I found that was my most important time to try and learn how I act when I'm not on medicine and what feels right for me. That way there's a path for someday using it minimally or even getting off of it. When he gets older, a job in the summer is also a super helpful way to learn to work and cope without medicine since its not 4-6 classes piled on you at the same time but still has responsibility and deadlines.)
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