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Re: Started 5th Grade with No Meds-got email from teacher

Originally Posted by meret96 View Post
I need to tell you, I commend you SO much for trying to keep him off of meds for so long. I was put on medication in 3rd grade and i still wish i had been able to learn to cope with it first.
Why? What is the benefit of not being medicated with the right med and right dose? What does 'learning to cope' mean to you? Meds can help a child or an adult learn to cope and keep them coping. If side effects outweight the benefits I get that, but I dont see a reason to hold off on meds.

I think what you are doing is very admirable. You could definitely look into an ADHD coach who can teach different learning tools to help learn to cope with it.
An adhd coach will not be able to do what meds can do.

(Also don't listen to the doctors if they try to make him stay on it during the summer, I found that was my most important time to try and learn how I act when I'm not on medicine and what feels right for me. That way there's a path for someday using it minimally or even getting off of it
My son was medicated age 4 and it would not have been safe for him to stop meds in the summer. It also would have meant he would not have been able to keep the things he learned during the school year by practicing in the summer. Even summer reading would have been difficult. His impairments reached beyond school. I suspect many kids' impairments reach beyond school but parents think breaks are mandatory or necessary either because of tolerance- or some other reason and then kids suffer and are constantly in trouble and bored all summer long because they are not taking their meds. I know some kids have weight issues and breaks are a must. In that respect I advise takingn breaks throughout the year;n a weekend here or there, a school break. But to jam all the potential gained through breaks into one summer seems like the harder path.

My son had weight issues and we had to add things like protein milkshakes and full fat good foods. In fact when I would forget to get his script on time the adhd came back with full force.
And I dont understand your point in trying to get to a point where meds are not necessary. Of course nobody wishes to be on meds, but if they help I do not understand the need to work towards getting off of them. I cant see all the ways you cope while medicated being easily achieved off meds because adhd is a lifelong, chronic condition. Its misinformation that it goes away when you grow up. (not saying you are misinforming anyone.)

And I am not someone who cant see the value in breaks. My daughter was medicated fromn 5-10th grade and she would request breaks and I dont believe in forcing her to take meds against her will so of course I let her have them. The side effects were tough for her to handle. Summers were rough that way. She decided when she was 15 she didnt want meds anymore so what could I do?I could see the side effects were rapidly getting worse. She does ok now but I think she may have developed better skills if she could tolerate meds enough to stay on them throughout the year.
My youngest daughter never could tolerate meds and I also believe her study skills and time management would have been better had she been able to. Maybe I should have powered through it and forced the issue but she was very sensitive even at a young age and made the connection between meds and the way she felt. She stayed classified in special until middle school and I think she may have been able to be in a regular class sooner with meds.
Last thing, how many adults do you know that work towards not needing their blood pressure meds or glasses? How many have goals of not taking medication? How many people want to work towards not having bipolar and therefore not needing medication? I would say not many because those meds are accepted and dont have the same reputation as adhd meds.
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