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Re: Horrible memory

Originally Posted by Fuzzy12 View Post
I have the exact same problem. I've posted about it before and was going to start another thread just a few days ago about my exactly this.

I love learning new things and keep listening to videos of lectures on subjects that interest me but I don't retain anything. Maybe for a few days then it's gone.

I try refresh it's few days later or sometimes I tell hubby about things I've learnt to anchor it in my memory but it still won't last. I'm listening to this audiobook on stress by my most favourite human being and I just have listened to the first few chapters at least 3 times but I still don't remember much. I've also read these chapters a couple of times but I still can't remember more than the very general gist (stress seriously affects the body) and a few odd snippets.

I love museums and historical exhibitions. I always drive vwryone crazy because I want to read everything in detail...several times but I still don't remember much. The next time I visit it all looks brand new to me.

It's so frustrating...and such a waste of time. There's so much to know and learn but I can't even remember.

Hubby has got a memory like an elephant. He just reads something once and then he remembers. I think this is why his general knowledge is s amazing whereas line sucks though I spend so much more time reading (or watching listening learning etc).
I'm the exact same way. I love learning things. I want to see/read everything in the museum, too. I don't know where all that information goes, but definitely not to my brain, lol.

My bf is the same way. He's obsessed with history, particularly wars/battles and has been reading about it since he learned to read. He will just randomly spout off facts, numbers, details, etc. like a freaking walking encyclopedia. I'm like, "How do you do that?!" and he just shrugs and goes, "Idk". I just hope he doesn't ask me something history related that everyone should know, cause I probably won't know it, lol.
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