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Re: Tired all the time

Originally Posted by bof00 View Post
This is the reason I found out about Inattentive ADD, originally from chronic fatigue. Doesn't matter how much sleep I get. I can drink a 5 hour energy and go right to sleep. I can only sleep at night though cause even though I'm physically tired my mind won't go to sleep during the day. I don't have meds yet. They're doing lots of tests with me. Blood work, sleep study, cortisol/adrenals, maybe it's just part of not enough dopamine to convert to norepinephrine that makes me tired.
You just described my life! I am constantly tired, doesn't matter how long I sleep, I wake up shattered in the mornings and it takes me a few hours to properly wake up. I can fall asleep pretty much any time of the day though but usually tend to stay up late at night due to racing thoughts and feeling like I'm missing something when I go to sleep at night. When I was young I took cocaine a few times, one of the times right before bed and then slept as usual!! How is this even possible? I do believe, too, that I suffer from dopamine deficiency. I have wasted nearly my whole life due to being tired, distracted and zoned out all the time. I also struggle with keeping jobs and with taking care of two children. The worst part is that my husband doesn't believe me when I say that I am tired. He just calls me names and lazy. We are actually talking about divorce, this is how bad things have got. I am desperate
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