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Why does Adderall seem best ADHD med and why likely doc won't prescribe?

Let me get this straight.. Adderall is 75% dex and 25% levoamphetamine. I'm on 40mg Vyvanse. I'm wondering if my doctor should just switch me to Ritalin because Concerta (The med I was on before - at 72mg) isn't covered. Ritalin is 50% d-methylphenidate and 50% l-methylphenidate. It seems to work better than Vyvanse. So no point of switching to dexedrine. Or increase the dosage of Vyvanse? Or ask to switch to Adderall?

Is there something about the levoamphetamine that you people seem to like? I liked the l-methylphenidate because it was like Vyvanse and coffee. But it seems like my doctor or psychiatrist has a bias to Adderall because of the stigma.

Any thoughts??
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