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Re: Paralysis

Originally Posted by Lunacie View Post
The wonderful therapist my granddaughter has been working with for 11 years
makes a deal with her. If they work on a concern for 15 minutes, they she can
choose a game to play for 15 minutes. She is 17 and has ASD. So as TygerSan
suggests, perhaps 30 minutes of paperwork, and then 30 minutes of active work?
I did this successfully for awhile using a visual timer thing. Timing play is more difficult. So I quit the tactic. It seems like every tactic eventually gets overcome somehow or no longer works. "Play" ended up being reading or following a concept down a rabbit hole. Maybe I need to re-establish play as play, or at least physical activity.

Does your granddaughter do this on her own at home, or is it only in therapy? Or only with another person to keep her on track?
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