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Re: The Official Adderall IR Generics Information Thread

Originally Posted by krb388 View Post
This month my refill was called AMPHETAMINE SALTS 30 MG TABSAN

Normally my adderall makes me stay focused and I can consentrate perfctly. With this new refill I feel tired spacey. I forget what im doing or what im looking for. I feel worn and just plain tired. I can't even think while im writing this. I do have a rapid heart beat I guess thats the only thing telling my unmotivated and tired self that i took my medication today.

I litterally feel like I have the flu and I can't stop daydreaming. Did something change in this medication IMPRINT E 404.
That imprint is Sandoz. Is this a change for you or have you been on Sandoz for a while? I don't know anything about a change in the Sandoz formula, but perhaps someone else who sees this thread will be able to help.
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