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Re: ADHD and Hypersensitivity (for the 2nd time)

Sight: flickering fluorescent lights and computer monitors. Strobe lights, but only when "in" them, not viewed from outside/afar. Can't watch TV in the dark, seem to react worse to camera flashes and fireworks, and stepping out of the mall into the parking lot on a sunny day.

Touch: microfiber/suede type synthetic fabric on blankets and jackets mostly I've seen. If my hands are not moisturized thoroughly, paper and eggshell paint finish are complete overload. If moisturized, it's better. Lips need constant chap-stick layers (mostly because I chew a fingernail and rub a bit off and it has to be re-applied)

Smell: I've noticed it mostly in hand-lotions, but it smells like industrial chemicals and poisons me instantly. It makes my head hurt at the first inhale, and lasts about 20 seconds per inhale (stacks, but I quickly change to mouth-breathing). Once it was so bad, my fingernails and teeth throbbed. The intended scent of that instance was country apple. Most perfumes give me headaches, as does marijuana smoke. Old cigarette smell is less bad, I have no problem with second hand.

Digestion: any non-natural food ingredient (which is shorter than listing all the crap they put in food), my stomach will read as chemical, and react no better than the time I got turpentine on my hands and chewed on my fingers. Ugh. I burp up raw veggie tastes up to 18 hours (so far) after eating.

Food in mouth: I don't like varying textures. Examples: Chicken and fettuccine Alfredo. Love all 3 ingredients, but can't handle meat fiber with noodle texture, and creamy sauce. Chicken has to be separate from noodles. #2, watermelon: appears solid, falls apart in mouth, surprises with hard seeds. I typically cut and wash the seeds/liquid from tomatoes before eating too.

Hearing: only hyper chatter of children. It revs me up to their energy level, but in a completely negative way and I want to break something. I will pace and disconnect from other stimuli. Otherwise I like kids, and don't have the same problem with the crying. I would say physical hyperactivity in anyone can rub me the wrong way very easily.

Other: I can tell when an electronic device is receiving power when others' can't. The television at my parents' house would be blank but on and I would have to stop any conversation, get up, and turn the power off because it was overwhelming distracting. I classified it as hearing, but maybe my arm hairs felt it.
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