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Re: The Holy Grail? -Desoxyn Journal

So today my doc agreed to script desoxyn after dexedrine didn't work out. I caught another lucky break and found a pharmacy that had the mylan generic in stock. With my insurance, 60 tabs (5mg) were only $10 (third lucky break, I know).

I had already taken my morning dosage of 15mg Adderall IR and instead of taking my afternoon dosage I took 5mg of Desoxyn instead. Before taking it I was feeling a bit jittery/anxious as is typical w/ my Adderall (the speedy feeling I've come to despise). Within about 40 mins I noticed a very subtle sedation. No rush or euphoria like when I began taking Adderall and I actually yawned at mid-day, which I haven't done in a long time. Anyways, I want to think it was the Desoxyn taking effect. Focus was pretty decent (not robotic tunnel vision like Adderall) and I was quite pleased with the overall effect. Didn't have the headaches or irritability in the afternoon either which is a big plus.

I realize today wasn't a great day to gauge the effectiveness because of the Adderall mixed in. But so far it seems hopeful though. Tomorrow I may try 10mg in the morning (no Adderall, which I'm eager to leave behind) and see where it takes me.

T-man- if insurance/cost were not an issue, what would your ideal dosage be like? I've been taking between 15-20 mg adderall in the mornings for several months and about 10 mgs in the mornings before that for several years. I too do not have motivation issues, so I won't miss the "kick in the pants". I'm actually looking forward to "smelling the roses" once again. Also, if anyone has supplements/vitamin recommendations I would greatly appreciate it.

I'll try to post back tomorrow for an update. Thanks again for everyone who has posted to this thread. I'm hoping this will be a turning point in my life-long struggles with ADHD.
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