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Hi everyone. My husband and I are desperate. I am not sure where to start but our son is 11 and has moderate to severe mixed type ADHD. He has been on meds for years but recently stopped and nobody seems to. Price the difference which means heís starting to self regulate. So that is good. However since infancy this kid is unwilling to go anywhere, do anything, eat anything new. Heís never watched TV, enjoyed hobbies, read...he avoids discomfort and lives in his narrow comfort zone despite our ability to give him access to classes or trips or equipment or whatever. He still eats like a toddler, craves ungodly amounts of sugar and will only do new things if a friend is with him.

Some background: adopted at birth, healthy and good natured, popular with peers (thank goodness), 110 IQ (if that even matters), unmotivated and disinterested student, clever with computers, addicted to Fortnight, moved from NY TO FLORIDA 2 years ago and heís missed his friends terribly. Has friends here but not the same as everything is so spread out here. Heís healthy, not a complainer, goofy and hilarious. Just if he was a super hero he would be called The Refuser. We are desperate to know how hard to push him. Does he need professional help and If so how do we find someone? He runs our house and we feel like huge failures. If he doesnít want to do anything we just stay home because of all the wasted time money and energy trying to get him out . We are older parents and we donít know what to do with him!

Iím sure this is all over the place. Please please find me you magical ADHD parent who knows just what to do!!!! Heís not even living! Oh and he goes to a small Montessori school which is wonderful but makes few demands on him. We plan on sending him to public school in the next couple of years.
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