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Sitting in the classroom with my son

Hello everyone,
My son is in the fifth grade and has adhd. All through school he has struggled with focusing and staying on task. He has gotten basically decent grades, though. We've tried four different medications, all of them causing disturbing side effects (even with trying to change dosages,etc) such as tics, major mood swings, sadness and crying...the list goes on and on. My husband and I decided to go the unmedicated route last summer. He did okay this past year, his grades were good, behavior wasn't a huge issue. However now, the past two weeks have been a living nightmare. He has been sent home two days in a row for being uncooperative and disrespectful to his teacher and even the principle. He cries when I talk to him about it and says he's being picked on by other students (one in particular) on a dailly basis. I've mentioned this to the teacher and principle many times and was told they are taking care of it. Now I've asked to sit in on class with him just so he can make it through these last nine days of school without being sent home everyday. Hopefully they will let me.I am concerned because he will be starting middle school in the fall. By suggestion of the school's therapist, I am taking him to be evaluated after school gets out for the year. Any suggestions? I feel so overwhelmed right now.
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