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Re: Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall

Shire is responsible for supplying Adderall XR generic to both Teva and Impax. That is what I meant by "own." Sorry that my wording was confusing. I mean that they own a huge majority of the national amphetamine supply.

It is no secret that Teva and Impax have sued shire for hoarding amphetamines.

The DEA has released a statement saying that they can raise the limit any time it is requested. Generic manufacturers are complaining that Shire is breaking supply agreements.

Obama claims shortages are not caused by the DEA but by drug companies manipulating the market, doubtlessly in an attempt to gain as close to a monopoly on the market as they can.

We are seeing no shortages of Vyvanse. National television and printed news are now blaming Shire. I'm being interviewed for a story about it, and you can bet I will be casting blame on Shire. They may not be entirely responsible, but they are a very large part of the problem.

Check out this CBS news story...

Brand Adderall XR sales have recently increased dramatically, despite the drug being available in generic! That is unheard of. It is no longer a secret that Shire is contributing to and profiting from the shortages.
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