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Hello, I'm Tom from Belgium

Hi, my name is Tom, I'm 25 years old living in Belgium and I am ADD positive.

I recently found out I have ADD. I have a history of unfinished projects, books, college,...
I've been called lazy, dumb, unwilling and so many other things. After 10 years of visible ADD symptoms I started to place the negative symptoms as part of who I am, part of my personality or character.
I started to accept my faith of never being able to finish something with succes.

Until last week I searched help, my jaw dropped, my eyes opened up. Last week has been a rollercoaster of emotions and revelations to me. After years of accepting the fact that I'm not as smart as I thaught I was, I was tested on intelligence. I took different IQ-tests all having the same result, 130+ scores. Which led me to take Menza intake tests. I finished the test in half the prescribed time with a flawless result. I'm waiting for a full screening next month.

Right now I am a high intelligent being with brains wired differently. My self-esteem got an imense boost and I am generaly a happier person. The therapeutic value of the confirmation of my intelligence is of great importance to me. Especially since I'm taking bachlor (eventually master) evening courses to get the degree I always knew I should get, but never was able to get.

It's so nice to meet other people with similar problems.
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