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believe it or not - I pushed my Uni to offer that corse - and sure enough AI swept it - became their most popular subject to us nigh OWLs
(huh? I'm a clinical ontologist :-) ...

... yes ... I adore that aspect too.
Spent quite some time in clustering, classification and

... chaos

hmmm... and you mention AI and chaos

... hey ! you're me :-)

('cept I have no doubt that you're better)

(this morning I spent a little time with my copy of 'Genius' with my wife ...
the 'Feynmann story'

ooo... 'pretty pictures ...'
... my wife tells me to grow up ...
she's a Frenchie ... et voila !

... welcome :-) (really)

ADHD understood - simple matter of defining purpose (morality) of mind
See Stabile 'enforced moral consistency' ~15 years ago, nothing else since has been of any relevance to ADHD.
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