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Re: How to improve your 2nd language speaking if you're ADHD ?

Originally Posted by stef View Post
Do you know the basics of this second language?

I majored in french and live here now but some days I find it difficult to be " persuasive".
Ironically, the language barrier can work in your favor - because the other person thinks you are struggling with prononciation or something when in reality you are actually trying to collect your thoughts.

What methods worked best for you in school, in general - writing things down?

dont bother with the advice just listen or read about whatever you may be interested in, in the other language.

haha I also hate talking to people.
I do
I don't see it as a favour - when I am struggling to collect words and maybe mispronunciate, the other person is not thinking he's talking to a professional.

I am a syntactic person I think, much worse listener and speaker.
And I need to speak fluently and, even worse, by phone.

Originally Posted by namazu View Post
Unless you're super-duper-naturally gifted in languages (and often, even then), exposure and practice are key to improving comprehension, vocabulary, and speaking skills.

If you hate talking to other people, talk to yourself! Talk back to your TV or radio! Play a 2nd-language radio station or podcast in the background while you work, if it's not too distracting, just to train your ear to hear the sounds of the second language. Look up the lyrics to a catchy song and translate them. Try Duolinguo (or similar interactive program) or (if you can stomach the thought) a local language meetup group. Find a nonjudgmental buddy to practice with (for accountability/motivation), or barter language-training time for one of your skills.

And as Stef said, let the fact that it's your 2nd language work in your favor! Some people are suckers for foreign accents!

Good luck!
Good ideas. I may sound like I look for excuses, but let's define the problem.
- I talk to myself sometimes. Maybe it helps, maybe not. No idea.
- Must try talk to TV or radio. Sounds silly but maybe could help
- Listening is too distracting. Unless I will spin the same song all the time which gives nothing.
- local meetup & barter - I need to rethink that - it's hard to find a match.
I think it would be good to find anb objective metric for the progress in speaking.
It seems that I can't move on (and it's my adhd or anxiety or ineptitude), and it's hard to find an educated partner when you speak slowly.

Or maybe I think faster than can speak and it makes me anxious ?

I don't know what the problem is.

Sometimes I don't talk for weeks to anybody. In any language. I mean a conversation longer than 1 minute.

I think maybe something strictly arranged, like a play or something would help.
I am not good at spontaneous production.

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