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Dealing with mornings and crashes?

You guys know that feeling of emotional death, right? The lack of cravings, the lack of wanting to do anything (including not doing anything), constant mind numbing boredom and the agitation linked with it. Even if you theoretically could concentrate on something, it's still uninteresting. Everything is uninteresting. I was diagnosed to be on the deep end of the spectrum so I don't know how common this is.

I got put on Concerta some time ago (slow release) and may or may not have gotten addicted to the feeling of being content. Doing things is nice. Cleaning is nice. Going out is nice. Hanging out is nice. Just existing is nice. But every single evening after it wears off the crash hits me like a bag of bricks, and it takes me a ridiculous amount of time to get going in the morning. I'm a very active person and I love learning new things, but still having to deal with the numbness every evening is physically draining. The static drives me insane and even though I know it'll be better again tomorrow it's still painful in the moment. It's especially bad when being in contact with other people stops feeling engaging because I'm highly social and I love my friends.

Do you guys have any experience with this kind of thing? Any tips or tricks? Coping mechanisms? Supporting words? I'm tired of getting told to meditate. I'm pretty sure you guys understand why.
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