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Re: Hi Everyone Do we all have ADD/ADHD


ahem yes that was quite an introduction and you certainly covered all the bases lol ...sometimes we do have to question the validity of psychiatric diagnosis because if we didn't we would be feeding an ugly lion which is very much so an inexact science . Of everything you mentioned I admire what you said about "if it works why question it"(medications) I have heart disease and have been clearly shown what happens when I stop specific medications , Its terrible that I have to be dependant on them because believe me it's not just one or two pills I take , it's literally a barrage of them daily . an example would be I was taken off of one med because of very dry throat well it kept my BP (blood pressure) at 114/62 to 120/80 and today it is 153/103 left arm and 147/97 right arm with a great blood oxygen of 98% and pulse of 73 so obviously I am relaxed but with a dangerous BP level . If you don't understand those nombers thats okay it just means I'm doing great with a very life threatening BP lol its not good but I'm okay I hope and I'm not horribly old being in my midforties , I could be younger than your folks or not much older . btw I like the name pedalpounder its one of the few things I can still do outside of basketball I can only last about 20 minutes on the court and I speed ride so limbs fall asleep and I have to coast for 10 seconds or so before I can pedal again .
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