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Birth control & adderall--HELP!

I am a 32 year old nursing student. I was recently diagnosed ADD and started on Adderall IR 20mg back in Jan. I'm prescribed to take it twice a day. As crazy as this may sound, I go through phases with it. Normally for the two weeks after my period, which I guess is the follicular phase, the effectiveness of the adderall is wonderful. I can sit and study for hours without any struggles. Then about a week before I start my period and the week of my period, the effectiveness of the adderall is null and void. I've gotten to the point that I don't like taking it during this time, which I guess is considered the luteal phase, because it doesn't work. We recently added birth control (Zovia) to my medicine regimen thinking it would help level out my hormones, in turn, leveling out the consistency of the adderall. Since starting the birth control, I have felt very sluggish, tired, non-motivated. I've tried 4 doses of adderall after taking a week off from it, and nothing. I just feel so frustrated with the whole process. I really thought the birth control would help to level me out so I wouldn't have such highs and lows with the adderall. I've done a lot of research, read a ton of forums, and I feel that I am at such a loss. I don't know what to do. They probably think I am crazy but I know for a fact that my hormones play a role in the effectiveness of the adderall. My doctor would like me to continue taking the birth control for another 3 months. I can't go much longer like this. I will never make it through the upcoming semester, not to mention I have 4 children and a household to run. Any advice, suggestions, or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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