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Re: Birth control & adderall--HELP!

i haven't read through all the answers but i read online yesterday that:
1) ADD symptoms are less, and ADD meds work better - during the follicular phase (when estrogen is high/er and progesterone (low/nil)
2) when on HRT, it's recommended to not use progestins daily as they interfere with the effectiveness of ADD meds and make ADD worse

I also read that the subjective feeling of women on Dexedrine is better during the follicular phase but even when estrogen is held steady, the addition of a progestin made that subjective feeling null and void.

Bottom line - you're not imagining it - it's real

I just can't figure out why during a bleed it wouldn't work (if you're on estrogen w/ HRT - what i'm experiencing)

Not sure there's a solution but at least you know you're not alone and there's science to back it up

**if the OP is still around - i'd love to know if you found any 'answers' or a way around it? (i'd read others tried different ADD meds during the luteal time - but that sounds 'messy')
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