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Re: Medications help curb sleepines/flat on dex?

Yeah i would try it but its not approved here in australia, cant even get l-dex inhalers so short of doing a breaking bad which would never happen theres no options there. I briefly saw a few posts around mentioning approval to try import adderall but got met with a massive wall of bureaucracy and i dont deal with clutter well so i'll just ask about it when i see my GP next.

Can only ask but seems like a lot of work for a trial and error test though, not sure if my doctor would even be open to it so was really hoping something else like wellbutrin or anything really could be taken alongside of it to help. Even though I know my dr trusts/believes me as he's known me for a while and seen what stuff i struggle with, theres still a lot of stigma associated with these meds and always feel worried that if i ask too much it'll get taken away despite all the things it helps me with. As it is now i had to agree to random drug tests just because i was in a rehab 11 years ago, plus was met with all these warnings about something as small as getting a replacement script off a different doctor as it'll be viewed as doctor shopping and i'll be banned for life, so really dont want to push things with our nanny state govt.
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