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Re: Notes from Barkley, true or false?

Originally Posted by lisariver View Post
My working memory sucks, so if you're going to get very technical, it's probably going to be hard to follow you without a host of memory aids, like diagrams, notes, and repetition, at least some kind of outline, so I know the end goal? examples help me a lot, too, at least for part of it, I'm open for learning things outside of it but as I said, i have limited brain space for holding things.

I'm in the middle of watching the video about the importance of emotion, trying to remember where I was going with this, lol. I think I'm trying to understand emotional dysregulation, now that I finally am getting an idea of what a big role it played in my life, or currently plays.

I will work on things, and get back to you.

I have watched the importance of emotion video twice, and I still have the same problems with Dr. Barkley approach.

He simply does not include early bottom up development of top down working memory, (via VTA---medial forebrain bundle---orbito frontal cortex, etc), in his discussions.

In my opinion, it is like only the second half the story has been told (the part after top down working memory becomes delayed, but not how top down working memory became delayed in the first place)

I understand there is lots of information to absorb, that is why I wrote no rush.

I will present small bits of information over time.

I really appreciate the discussion.

"When people are suffering mentally, they want to feel better—they want to stop having bad emotions and start having good emotions." (-Temple Grandin)
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