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Focus Distribution - Increasing productivity

I mentioned in my other thread about recognizing thought patterns- I noticed another very important and useful trick, being able to notice focus level. As soon as I wake up, in the afternoon, and at night, we have different focus levels. In the morning I am able to work on an essay, in the afternoon I may start to lose focus. By night, can't focus on anything at all. You gotta find out what you're good at at what time throughout the day...

When you notice its getting harder to understand something, it is probably your focus. Ever notice the next day you can do something in 5 min that took you 30 min to work on? One of the most difficult things to notice. Ever get that "I'll figure it out, eventually" then 20 minutes passes? You could finish in probably 5 min the next day. In that 20 min you spend focusing on something that could take 5 min, you could be doing other things that require less focus such as cleaning, chores, talking to someone. When you are at that focus intensity again, then work on anything that requires that level of focus.

I guess the most difficult part is noticing when your focus wears off. I do this by checking the time often, how much time has past since working on this hw problem? Is it worth it? I ask myself. Should I just work on something easier or maybe I can finish this? You need think logically. How much time did I waste doing this problem? Should I go to the next problem, or should I just take a 30 min nap that will jump start me, so I can be more productive?

I wish there was like a focus chart, that tests you on what "focus level" you are at, then match it with something you could be doing at that time... imagine how much more productive you would be. Often intense focus is wasted watching TV for example, when you have the focus level to finish all your hw in no time, then end up working on hw when you have the television focus level, and end up zoning out for 4 hours.
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