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Re: Do you tell people you have ADD?

Now that I know I have ADD, I've mentioned it to a few friends. There are a couple people who dismiss it, but they don't understand how positive it is for me to know that I have ADD. I guess I don't have to mention that for some people ADD has many different kinds of bad reputations.

One former coworker didn't see it at first, but the more I talked to her, it made more and more sense to her that I have inattentive ADD. She mentioned that her son has ADD. She and her husband were hesitant about taking him to be diagnosed because of their own prejudices, but her son insisted. Being treated has made an amazingly positive impact on her son's life.

I will probably continue to mention it to friends, especially close friends, unless I get a lot of negative feedback. I really wish I had known more about ADD earlier in my life, so that I wouldn't have had to go undiagnosed for so long.

-- Yasha
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